Statement by Ronald S. Lauder, Founder of ASAP, in Response to Anti-Semitic Rhetoric by School Board Member Joan Terrell-Paige

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December 18, 2019

“This is exactly the type of despicable, anti-Semitic rhetoric that ASAP was created to counteract. Violence targeting Jews—or any ethnic, racial, or religious minority—is abhorrent, yet instead of condemning these attacks, mourning with her community, and committing to fight violent anti-Semitism, Ms. Terrell-Paige is fanning the flames of hate. ASAP will deploy the resources necessary to make sure voters know about Ms. Terrell’s hateful, anti-Semitic rhetoric and will do whatever is necessary to see that she steps down.”

About ASAP

The Anti-Semitism Accountability Project (ASAP) is a $25 million political campaign that is taking action against the growing crisis of anti-Semitism in American politics, institutions, and culture. ASAP holds political and cultural leaders accountable for support or acceptance of anti-Semitism using campaign tactics including TV and digital ads, direct mail, grassroots activism, and public demonstrations.